Monday, June 15, 2009

Amazing pictures in Tehran.

Jump under the cut! Some amazing and heart-rending photos from Tehran yesterday.

This was the aftermath for poor Mr. Calvin-Klein-pants. Fucking jerks.

This woman has ovaries of steel. The women of Iran have been invested and active in this election. And they're not lying down in the aftermath. I just have *so* much admiration and awe for them. I couldn't do this, I know I couldn't. I would hide and be afraid. I'd want to run away to somewhere safe. This woman - she is defiant. I hope she's safe.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bravery in Tehran

Jump under the cut! These people are more than risking their lives by marching like this. There is certain death ahead for many who protest.

They are shouting: "Death to the Dictator" and "I will fight! I will fight! I will take back my vote!" I'm certainly behind the latter cry. And while I don't condone any sort of killing, I know that for these people, it's a very dark situation. It is probably their only way to freedom.

I keep posting about this because I know that the coup is trying to surpress this sort of information. They don't want the world to know what's going on. People are dying for their freedom as we speak. Police are charging universities and dorm rooms, capturing students, shooting them or taking them away and making them "disappear". Men, women and children are being beaten to death in the street. It's for them I keep talking about this and it's for them I do my bit to carry on the information.

For more information as things are happening, go to Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish. I applaud his efforts.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In Australia, No Free Pass for Gordon "Buttstain" Ramsay

Jump under the cut!

I barely need to tell you who Gordon Ramsay is. If I do, I consider you a blessed individual. In this day and age of arrogant asshole TV personalities, this man is something of an extreme.

Generally I ignore this fuckneck’s rabid behaviour, but he brought his crap onto my soil and attacked one of my own.

Now, I have had some choice epithets for Tracy Grimshaw at times. I have a loathing of most current affairs programmes aired after the news as they rarely cover anything of real importance. It’s a waste of airtime and generally a thinly veiled advertisement for whoever the network wants to schill that particular week.

A Current Affair, I will admit, is less on the nose than Today Tonight. And Tracy Grimshaw has actually covered some good things in the past. I remember that Channel Nine covered Anonymous’ activities with little paranoia, and put an unforgiving light on some of Scientology’s bullshit. So I have a soft spot for her from that time.

But even if it were the blonde woman on Today Tonight getting the heat, I would stand up for her. Gordon Ramsay’s candor is just too fucking reprehensible. Most people would say “Hah, he’s just being playful! A naughty guy!”

No, no he’s not. He’s seeking to further his fame and fortune, and when Tracie Grimshaw did not play his bullshit game, he attacked her on air. It was childish, manipulative and cruel.

You can see some of what happened here.

For the link-phobic I can sum up what happened thusly:

– Tracy Grimshaw interviews Ramsay on ACA. In the middle of the interview, he asks her what turns her on. She laughs, she blushes, and tries to get the interview back on track. Ramsay is not used to this sort of behaviour, or maybe he is but he doesn’t deal with it very well. To him, she’s clearly rebuffed his attentions on television and he’s embarrassed. So he attacks her by making fun of a little mole on her top lip. On. AIR. She laughs it off but she’s very embarrassed and he’s made a fool of her on air.

– At a book signing in Melbourne after the event, he badmouths Tracy Grimshaw in front of the audience there. He calls her various horrible things. Apparently he even showed a picture of a naked woman on all fours, with multiple breasts (more than one pair) and a pig mask on. He pointed to it and said it was Tracy Grimshaw.

– Tracy Grimshaw calls him on his bullshit on air. She says, “I’m not taking this shot. O yeah, U ugly, natch!”

– Ramsay does the equivalent of call her a humourless feminist. He’s clearly embarrassed by his behaviour, but being the arrogant prick he is, would never bring himself to actually apologise for his horrible behaviour.

Wassat? Is that a smackdown from the PRIME MINISTOR?! (typo, but it’s funny so it stays). OOH BURN, SCROTE-FACE! I THINK IT IS!

I applaud for Tracy Grimshaw seeing his crap for what it was and NOT taking it. I applaud her for not letting it slide. I applaud her for calling the fucker out on national television and defending herself. I’m pretty sure Gordon Ramsay can get away with that shit elsewhere, but I’m relieved to see that in Australia, it wasn’t recieved light-heartedly, but with the gravity it deserves. Sure, we’re still a fucked-up country with problems of our own, but it makes me damned proud that when one of our reporters is treated so damned absymally, being dehumanised and belittled so horribly, that the Prime Minister takes time out of the very important affairs of running a country in the middle of an economic downturn to say to this buttwipe Ramsay, “STFU and STFD, jerkwad!”

It’s not much, but it’s something that made me feel like maybe, just maybe, it’s not a sea of misogyny and cruelty out there. There are some oases to crash at.

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ETA: Special thanks to my mate greteldragon on LJ for this link! Julia Gillard, our "VP" for any American readers out there, told a silly man to get back into the kitchen! OH YEAH, BISH GOT SERVED, YO!