Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aussie Men Make Shitty Husbands, says study.

Jump under the cut! The Aussie men I know are pretty awesome husbands, but I mix with progressive nerds.

A study found that Australian Men were less likely to help with domestic chores. Another study also confirmed that bears shit in woods.

You might think I’m being tough on Australian men, but I have to ask those that aren’t Australian - have you met the average Aussie “bloke”? Well-meaning, sure, but a more chauvinistic, socially-rigid bunch of bastards you will not meet.

It’s to the point that I do not go to straight bars because I do not want to be hit on by the average man living in my city. I’m sure it’s not so bad in Melbourne and Sydney, but where I live (Perth), fuckwittedness seems to be epidemic.

I live in a place where being shouted at from a car window is considered a great way to meet women. I shit you not. Dickheads actually expected me and my friend walking home from the gay bar to get INTO their car. We laughed. I didn’t laugh too hard – my sister was raped by a stranger who had gotten tanked and gone to a titty bar.

Now, I know not all Australian men are like this. I really, really do. I defend the good Aussie man. They exist, I know many of them. But what I’m trying to tackle here (rather hamfistedly I will admit) is a certain mindset that is pervasive in this culture.

A certain expectation on the part of men to fulfill a role that is blasted at them through media and through their mates. It’s a role that’s even more pervasive than what American men suffer, because it’s not mocked roundly here. It’s accepted as the mainstream, and if you don’t fit it, you’re a pussy, a big girl’s blouse, a panty-waisted limp-wristed Mummy’s boy. Here’s what is expected:

– You get yourself a woman, she does the housework.

– You own a dog.

– You violently loathe cats.

– You like killing animals.

– You laugh about violence and watch shit TV and movies.

– You never, ever change nappies or cook your own meals.

– You’re lazy, and it’s cool to be lazy.

– All you want to do is hang out with your mates and get pissed on your time off. Your wife is for schtupping and taking care of your sprogs.

Now, I am not suggesting that all men are like this. This is an image that is pushed onto the male populace and hence, some men act in this manner. Women have their roles too. The heteronormative bullshit here in Australia is thick and choking, and I really fucking hate it. Can you tell?